A/C Man Terry
Automotive Heating & Cooling Specialist

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- A little more detail about Us & our Shop -


We are "ma & pa" small & have Low Overhead. This translates to
   Constant Quality
& a Substantial Savings to you the Customer!

We are well Equipped. We have the Equipment & Expertise to do it  
    Right the first time,.... in a Clean, well Lit, well Supplied & Organized 

We are meticulous about Quality & Detail. My goal is a lasting repair 
    conducted with workmanship second to none, litterally working on 
    your vehicle like it was my own.

Come see us for a  No Charge - No Obligation  written estimate, and 
    then compare  Quality & Price !


Our shop has central heat & air conditioning, good ventilation, carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguisher, & very good lightening.

Clean/Vehicle Considerate
Our shop floor is epoxy sealed & cleaned & moped regularly
. Shop rugs are vacuumed regularly & shampooed often. Clean white shop towels are used to open & close your doors. Fender pads drape fenders & grill area to protect from scratches & smudges.

Shop vac on hand, we courtesy vacuum front carpets & mats
. "Rug Doctor" professional carpet & upholstery shampooer on premises & shampoo services, if desired, are quite reasonable. We also stock a quality "Enzyme Digestant to professionally & successfully treat damp, moldy or musty carpets & under pads. Equipment to dry fore mentioned, means the smell is gone permanently!

Courtesy Beverages
We provide canned sodas & bottled water, stocked in the antique 1941 GE refrigerator, for our customers & deliver drivers. A fresh pot of coffee can be put on anytime!

Eng Coolant Flush/Install
Our Engine Coolant Flush Equipment is uniquely simple & extremely effective.
We install new antifreeze with equipment designed for such. The new antifreeze coolant is "drawn" into the engine coolant system, usually eliminating the need for "bleeding" / air purging. We pressure check for leaks, confirm proper thermostat & fan operation, etc. Old coolant is stored for recyclers. 

Engine Clean/Detail
Our "Under-Hood" & Engine cleaning methods are exteremely effective, cost conscience, & the results are real eye openers!
 We do under-hood / engine cleaning NOT from a profitability standpoint, but simply because it is so much nicer to work clean. My tools stay cleaner, my shop floor stays cleaner, I stay cleaner! And... the end result is something we can both be proud of!

Enviro Safe
We clean with relatively low pressure compressed air & an aqueous cleaner degreaser solution. Drainage grates collect both the cleaner, grease, grit, grime, & all rinse water & channel into a large container. Grease & oils rise to the top, grit & solids separate to the bottom. A pressure switch controls the always submerged pump.The emulsified liquid waters our lawn, & our grass & shrubs grow like crazy!

A/C Flush  
Our proprietary A/C Flush procedures & our ability to effectively flush & clean an A/C system, are second to none! I flush an A/C system clean, very clean! We highly recommend flushing with any compressor replacement.

Quality Equipment/Properly Maintained
We use top of the line "Robinair" recovery, recycle, & recharge units.
Our recovery unit filter driers are replaced regularly. These units have 6 CFM dual stage 40 micron rated Robinair Vacuum Pumps. Vacuum pump oil is changed regularly. These vacuum pumps are capable of evacuating & pulling the deep vacuum necessary for proper dehydration. In addition to the built in compound gauges on our recovery units, We also employ a "full scale" vacuum gage & an electronic micron gauge. I am meticulous about moisture removal & properly evacuating an automobile A/C system!

Free Written Estimates/Invoices
We use "Quick Books" for both Estimates & Invoices. I prefer near to the penny estimates over "guesstimates". We do not charge for most normal estimates. An exception, for instance; an A/C estimate also involving some electronic or otherwise time consuming troubleshooting. Obviously permission to proceed would be sought. 

No Surprises/Labor Guide
Our estimates are quite through.
I prefer to checkout everything that’s involved & do my best to prevent "surprises" when the actual repair might commence. We use a software called "Real Time labor guide" as a basis for obtaining repair time for our estimates, coverage 1968 to present both import & domestic.

Courtesy Photos
We take & print digital photos of many jobs
simply to give you the customer an idea of what’s involved & show how your vehicle was repaired. Vehicle repairs can be expensive, especially if not done correct the first time. I take pride in my work & like to work on my customers vehicle like it was my own. I appreciate good value for my hard earned dollar. Likewise I strive to give my customer the same.

Quality Workmanship
I usually have a shop/office helper, but repairs are done by our one shop technician,
... me!

Phone/Save Time
We do get booked in the peak summer months, but even then try to give estimates as soon as possible, usually daily. Calling in advance anytime is always appreciated & can usually save you time, & we’re always happy to give driving directions to new customers then. 

Blind Estimates
If your confident of your problem, I’m happy to give estimates without seeing the vehicle, but obviously cannot guarantee the accuracy until I do a hands-on proper checkout. I’ve had customers convey they were told they had a bad compressor & it turned out to be something much simpler & less expensive. Other occasions they were accurately told they needed something, but not informed of the major problem, a leaking hose for instance.

Wait/Drop off
Sometimes customers wait while their vehicle is being checked out, & that’s very ok. Often dropping off the vehicle works best for others. After checking a vehicle out & preparing a written estimate, we can fax or e-mail you the written copy, sometimes even include estimate photos. Obviously explaining the estimate can be done over the phone with or without faxing or e-mailing the paper copy.

Phone Estimate
On the occasions where the customer is relatively certain of their problem, I can gladly prepare an estimate on the given info. Likewise this can be faxed, e-mailed, or postal mailed. If the estimate is acceptable & a repair date confirmed, the vehicle could simply be brought in for the repair on that date. Obviously I always confirm for myself before commencing repairs.


Please feel free to contact me with any question, concern, suggestion, or to schedule a checkout time or repair.


terry@acmanterry.com    850 994-5577