A/C Man Terry
Automotive Heating & Cooling Specialist

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Complete Auto Air Conditioning Service & Repair
4636 Bradley Dr  /  Pace, FL  32571
                         (850) 994-5577     terry@acmanterry.com


Terry's Auto A/C is a full service automotive air conditioning shop located in Pace Florida. We specialize in automotive Heating & Air Conditioning, with great emphases on quality.

     Free Estimates, Friendly Service, & VERY Competative Prices  -

We also do Engine Cooling Service;  Coolant Flush-New Antifreeze, Radiators, Water Pumps, Hoses, Belts, etc. - And Under-Hood Cleaning.


We don't do brakes, mufflers, or transmissions, but ....

- Anything to do with automotive 
  Climate Control  & Engine Cooling 
  is what we do, .... 
& we do it well ! 


   * Underdash, Heater Cores, Evaporators & hard to find leaks our 

   * A/C  Hoses made, all inventory on premises. A/C Fittings & 
           lines Welded & Repaired.
(Aluminum & Steel)
* Complete A/C System Flush. We have the equipment to do it 
 Even to successfully clean late model multi flow design
         condensers!  A clean properly prepared & dehydrated system is
         critical for system longtivity & dependable performance!! 

   * Engine Coolant System FlushMaintaining a 50/50 mixture of clean 
         antifreeze coolant is crucial to protect cooling systems.

    * Underhood cleaningA clean engine & underhood area not only shows
         pride in your vehicle, but is also easier to service & maintain!

   * Vintage & Street Rods / Custom fabrication / Extended Warranties

Compressor Replacement Parts in Inventory for many popular
Info     Photo         

       * Very Competitive Prices on;   New Compressors, Evaporators,  
            Condensers, Expansion Valves, Driers & "Gates" brand Belts & 
            Hoses, & Radiators!

    All Parts furnished & installed by us are fully         
        Warrantied for a minimum of one year, this            
        includes both PARTS & LABOR.                                 

    We even *unconditionally warranty all R134a       
        Refrigerant  purchased & installed, for one year.  
                       *(see copies of our warranties on "pricing / sample invoice" page)                      

    If we say your vehicle is repaired proper &            
        "leak free", we stand behind it! 

               Quality Guaranteed Work in a Clean Professional Atmosphere            

    Shop hrs   M-F   8AM to 5PM
                   Sat   8AM to Noon                      
                   Sun   Emergency only please

                                               - Terry Robinson -
                                              Certified Technician 
    A sincere word of thanks to our many loyal customers who are the sole reason for our existance. "Thank You" !!  You are all Appreciated !!!


    I believe informing & educating our customers as to why a particular procedure or part is necessary is also part of my responsibility.
    Many topics are covered in depth on page 3. Links to other informative articles can also be found there. 
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    Photos are actual customer job photos selected from thousands we've taken in the last 10 years.